Dr. Aslıhan Onaran

 (PhD, Brown University, 2010, BA-Boğaziçi University)

Founder, ZenWorld International, Parenting and Expat Support

Founder, Attachment Parenting API Turkey

Consultant-Educator (Bilingual), Communication, Mindfulness, Gender Studies

& Positive Parenting


"Hi! I am a 'reverse expat,' an Istanbul native who moved to the United States to live, study and work there as an academic and community leader for fifteen years, and returned to Turkey in  2014. I'm married to my college sweetheart from Bogazici Univ. and we are the lucky parents of Berk (10) and Can (5), raised our version of compassionate parenting.


In the States, my multidisciplinary academic and personal activist work was mostly in the fields of Gender Studies, attachment parenting, communication, bilingual literacy, identity politics, mindfulness and storytelling.  After my PhD at Brown, during my second pregnancy, I received my Yoga-Meditation teacher certification and also completed coursework in Positive Psychology at Harvard University. Immediately after we arrived in Turkey, I chose to go after my long-awaited dream and launched, "ZenWorld International."  


ZenWorld is the fruit of all my life's work merged into a colorful and peaceful 'one'.  It's a bilingual education and coaching initiative for both Turkish and English-speaking individuals, families & children in Istanbul and via Skype worldwide....The goal is to help spread awareness on nonviolent communication, mindful living and positive parenting with strategies from baby sign language and positive discipline to mindfulness techniques.  I have also received my accreditation from US-based Attachment Parenting International (API), as API Turkey's founder and leader, so I'm thrilled about the opportunity to bring bilingual support to families here! (www.attachmentparenting.org) As a Pearson-certified international master trainer, I also offer trainings to faculty and leading institutions such as Bogazici University.  Each time a family or an individual I work with shares a mindful step, it reminds me of the perks of my route: crossing paths with amazing people open to peaceful coexistence even if life stirs things up from time to time. Just like in yoga/meditation, a new breath, getting back in posture and focus will ground all of us back. Peace, Aslıhan”



Ph, Turkey: +90 537 699 29 46

Ph, from USA: +1 401 757 0329 (Calls and text messaging available)

Email: AslihanTR@AttachmentParenting.Org






API Accreditation, API Turkiye/API Turkey Platform and API Leadership, Aslıhan Onaran (Bilingual)  US-based Attachment Parenting International, world’s leading nonprofit in parenting support on AP, accredited API Turkey. Aslıhan Onaran accredited as Bilingual Parent Support Leader, 2015.

Highest Honors, Yoga-Meditation Certificate: Awarded by Aura Wellness Center, USA (2012).

Nominee, Best Dissertation, USA:   Nominated by Brown University for the ASA’s Ralph Henry Gabriel Prize for “Best Dissertation” in the fields of Cultural/American/Ethnic and Women’s Studies (2010).

Salomon Grant, Brown University, Providence, RI (Spring 2004).

Dissertation & Research Fellowship, Brown University, Providence, RI (2001-2010).

Graduate Fellowship, Brown University Graduate School, Providence, RI (2000-2001).

Full Scholarship of the Turkish Ministry of Education, Istanbul, Turkey (1986-1993).

International Scholarship of the Lion’s Clubs, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 1993: Awarded a pre-college scholarship as an exchange student to Minnesota.


(Available Worldwide, in English/Turkish)

Dr. Onaran offers a complimentary session by phone or Skype , schedule permitting. Please submit the following request form for all individual and group training/coaching requests regarding parenting, mindfulness and expat support, bilingual children’s programs or for event collaboration requests: https://goo.gl/forms/akEsXb271xseoOUw1