Testimonials & References

Did you know that you could receive both in-person and online parenting & mindful communication support from the comfort of your home/workplace even if you lived as far from Istanbul as Australia?    

      Below are firsthand accounts shared by families, coaching clients and experts:


Süheyla Pınar Alper, “With such  tremendous  impact,  I feel as if Aslıhan Onaran is holding some sort of magic wand.  She enlightens your path while empowering you along the way”

Ebru Sidar: “As overwhelmed parents of twins, my husband and I have been lucky to have received Aslıhan Onaran’s  guidance.  Even though I am a therapist myself, her support has been priceless. The roadmap she has offered us, empowered me to listen to my inner voice and that of my kids. What a change…Thank you!” (Ebru Sidar, Sensory Integration Therapist- Duyusal Akademi & Fast Kids, Istanbul-London)


Assoc. Prof. Güliz Onat: “Dr. Aslıhan Onaran is definitely making a change.  Working with her is like a joyful breeze. You feel accepted and nurtured.  To me, that is the most important thing.”  (Güliz Onat, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant)


“Words are not enough to express my gratitude.  How my life magically transformed after just one session is unbelievable!” Pelin A, Lawyer.


“Any interaction with Aslıhan feels like being in contact with your center.  Seeking her guidance is an experience that will connect you with your core once again.”  Ayca Yılmaz, Doula, Hypnobirthing /Yoga Instructor & Founder, Annezen.


“Our baby and I had such a good night’s sleep after just one session. Thank you!” Sinem, Asya’s mom


“Fellow Dads, here is a life-saving piece of advice from me to you: reach out to Aslıhan Onaran!” (Serdar, Emily's husband, Lale & Ata's dad, Online Coaching, Hungary)


“I have learned to finally listen to my inner voice—thanks to Aslıhan Onaran.”  Dr. Gülşen T. Portakal


“An incredible quality of Aslıhan Onaran is that she can offer you a solution even before you have asked her.  She is a valued witness to my journey”  Dr. İrem A. Kalkan (Online Coaching, Ankara)


"Your advice worked like magic! I had a Skype appointment with Aslıhan Onaran last week. My 4 year old son and my husband have had such an issue with their connection and communication. I was listening to minimum one screaming "I don't love you anymore Dada" every single day. After implementing her suggestions I started seeing a change the very first day. I can't express how my heart was breaking seeing my son so disconnected from his dad. Now when my husband comes home it's "Dada! Dada! You're back!" Huge, HUGE difference. This means everything to me. Don't be afraid to reach out. I am so glad I did." Bethany  (Online Coaching, positive discipline & Nonviolent communication)


“Aslıhan warms my heart with her compassionate guidance”  Gizem Onay, Childbirth-Yoga & Pelvic Health Educator, Arvigo Therapist, Luna (Ankara)  Founder.


 "Five days ago I met with Aslıhan Onaran because I felt, again, overwhelmed by motherhood. My 3,5 year old boy had been whining for 2 months, had many temper tantrums and I felt myself out of patience...Aslıhan helped me understand where the behaviour came from and how I could solve it. She also reminded me how to talk during whining and temper tantrums. 
Well... I am so glad! I got results from that evening onwards! The following day my boy woke me up with kisses and a smile instead of a whine. And everyday has been smooth and positive. Happiness! 
I like Aslıhan's hands-on advice. She doesn't talk and you listen. She is not the fixer, YOU are! She makes you feel empowered so that you can embrace being a mom. I cannot recommend her highly enough! (Melody De Visscher Buyukkaraca, Breastfeeding Counselor) After a Positive Discipline session.


“We had a rough start with our allergic baby.  Feeling better and finally attending to our own wounds began only after we crossed paths with you.  Thank you!” Online Coaching, Gözde-Mercan’s mom, Spain.


“OMG (which is phrase I use maybe once a year but this deserves it) it was a hugely different experience! My baby actually started eating the food in front of him! Then, he ate almost all of his dinner! A first!  No toys, no begging, nothing but a calm family meal. OMG 🙂

The minute he started getting fussy, I ended it and now he is sleeping in my arms.  Thank you!!!!”  Alice (Online Coaching, Attachment Parenting /BLW)


“Dr. Aslıhan Onaran is enlightening Joimove families all over the globe, with her Attachment Parenting support.”  Selen Yılmaz, Founder- Joimove International, Scotland.


“It gives me hope just knowing  that such idealistic and inspiring people actually live in Istanbul”  Tuğçe Aras, Defne's mom (bilingual playgroup)


"I have found Aslıhan's parenting support incredibly valuable and highly recommend her as a fantastic coach.  Her coaching truely transformed our family's dynamic.  I came to Aslıhan after a particularly tough transition to Istanbul, in which all consistent, disciplined parenting went out of the window. Aslıhan compassionately and expertly helped me pick back up the pieces. Her style is empathetic and understanding - she creates a trusting, open environment in which I felt safe and could admit my rather horrible parenting disasters. She was non-judgmental in her responses. Aslıhan helped me step back from the individual "problems" to look holistically at the sort of parent me (and my husband) wanted to be, and from there, we worked on specific situations that were important to me. Aslıhan brought in some really helpful theory and concepts on occasions where helpful, but mostly helped me to draw on the resources I have within me, to be the sort of parent I wanted to be. I've seen such improvements in how I manage difficult situations. And the frequent touch online support and email check ins she makes available meant I had someone to turn to to both celebrate the successes, and to reframe when things didn't go so well.
  And what's also amazing is that my husband joined for one session, and so enjoyed her style and approach that he has also continued to come to sessions and together we've been jointly parenting, despite starting from very different approaches. I highly recommend Aslıhan as a fantastic coach!" Mary, A busy part-time working mum of 4 young children.


“Success within our parenting and relationship roles is the foundation to success in every area. We are educated in many fields, yet being a good parent is possibly the most important job we have and also the one that we are the least prepared for. While simply rearing a child is in itself a challenge our goal should be to rear new generations of truly capable, healthy, happy and constructive human beings.
    It is rare that we find someone who is as consistently sound, practical, deeply informed and sensitive as Aslihan Onaran. She is generous and approachable when assisting in any area of parenting and relationships. Her approach and her advice is solid yet fresh and inspirational. Whenever an issue arises, I find myself recommending Aslıhan Onaran with confidence and optimism.”  Jodie Harburt, Mum, partner, designer, painter, blogger, ponderer, www.multitudeofones.com www.jodieharburt.com

“I met Aslıhan around the time my son was barely 3,5 months old.  But even such a short time made me feel extremely exhausted and depressed. I couldn’t really get the magic of being mummy.  During that sleepless, stressful period I started to think ‘How in the world did this become my story?’ I felt totally overwhelmed. But just after our first session with Aslihan (the complimentary free session) my way of thinking had changed dramatically. Sometimes we just forget how much actually we love and adore our children. If you can keep in mind that your child is the world to you , which Aslihan reminded us, you will wake up every half an hour at night just to smell your baby, check his breath.  I stopped blaming myself and started to accept everything the way it is.  Seeing the bright side of parenting.  Attachment parenting did work for us so well. With Aslihan’ s strategies and suggestions we are raising a very happy, loving, emotionally intelligent young boy. We just couldn’t be in the better point right now without her. Thank You.” Anita, Leo’s mom (Online Coaching)


“I want you to know that you have had a powerful positive impact on me and on us as a family.  The lessons I have learned through working with you, have been tremendously important.  I understand now that the core of it is to provide a safe, positive and loving environment.  You have taught me that I am actually a good mother and that my intuition knows what to do--I just need to trust and be in my power, in my mindfulness.

   On a practical level, my baby’s eating  & sleep is going great, and  I am also teaching him baby sign language. You have grounded me and have been an incredible resource in what was a time where I was spiraling in the wrong direction.  I am now focused on the present. I can't thank you enough.

    Just know that your compassion, expertise and presence really made a difference for us.

I hope people in Turkey get the power of what you are doing, and I hope you continue to change lives the way you have for us. With much love and gratitude…” Nancy, Online Coaching (Expat parenting, intercultural communication)